Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

Genetic Variants Of Athletes Functional Systems: Review


Harith Abdelelah Alshukri, Hayder N. Jawoosh, Mazin Hadi Kzar, Zaid Samsam Turki, Hamzah Ali Ibrahim, Ban Saifuldeen Mahmoud, Abdul Amir H. Kadhum

In recent years, the comprehension of the unique genetic variants is contributing to the characteristics which have increased interest especially in trying to use genetics as a way to foresee the potential status of elite athletes. The recent molecular biologics in sports medicine progress has been over-interpretation of genomic research, which has led some practitioners to the dubious 'single gene-as-magic-bullet' ideology. Even as it has become evident to the elite that comprehensive participation in training and practice is necessary, the development of know-how doesn't necessarily mean the accumulation of a certain number of hours of practice.  In this review, the current status of the field will be summarized and discussing the implications of available knowledge. The practice of professionals involves the sport and suggests future directions for research. A discussion on topics related to the importance of genetic characterization of athletes and the methods for the identification of new polymorphisms associated with physical performance will be presented also. Where this study pours into service of good health and well-being

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