Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

Effects of Tactical Game+Encouragement on Improve Decision Making and Skill Execution in Basketball Athletes


Ruslan Rusmana*, Iman Sulaiman, Taufik Rihatno, Herman Chaniago, Samsudin, Moch Asmawi, Sudradjat Wiradihardja, Bahtiar Bahtiar, Dedi Supriadi, Dan Iulian Alexe, Novri Gazali, Ratko Pavlovi?, Edi Setiawan

This study aims to investigate the effect of TG+E on increasing DM and SE among basketball athletes through true experimental research with a 12 week randomized controlled trial design. The participants involved basketball athletes from the Pasundan Teacher Training and Education College (Indonesia), totaling forty people. Participants were allocated in TG+E (n = 20) and CG (n = 20) groups. The instruments for measuring DM and SE were direct observation and camera recording. Non-parameteric with the Mann–Whitney U test was chosen for analysis between TG+E and CG in the initial-test and final-test. The results of this study showed significant differences in all DM and SE variables in TG+E from initial-test until final-test related to Inside shooting (p < 0.05), Outer shooting (p < 0.05), Passing to zone (p < 0.05), 6.25 m passing (p < 0.05), Far passing (p < 0.05) and Dribbling to zone (p < 0.05). Meanwhile, in CG the differences only occurred in DM and SE which was related to Passing to zone (p < 0.05), 6.25 m passing (p < 0.05), and there was no difference in other aspects. Thus, we emphasize TG+E as an alternative and training solution to improve the quality of DM and SE among basketball athletes.