Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

The Coaching Build-Up: Effect of Changing the Performance Epitope of Some Harmonic Abilities and the Accuracy of Net Skills for Badminton Athlete


Saif Abbas Jihad Al-rubaye, Murtadha Sulttan Hussein

The science of sports training is one of the important sciences because it is concerned with each item that is new and influential in sports sciences and physical education.Since, it is one of the scientific rules that cannot be ignored and has a major role in raising the state of sports performance at the physical, kinetic, and skill levels.Badminton is a sports that has witnessed a great development. Therefore, paying attention to it has become an assignment in terms of training and preparing multiplexdrilling, due to its closeness to the technical performance of that sport. Which, has a great role in developing kinetic and skill abilities.Thus; player’s performance in the implementation of skills will ameliorate. The importance of research lies in the kinetic and skill abilities that have an effective role in developing the level and accuracy of the player’s performance, because it works to adapt it to more than one goal at one time. The research was directed at changing the nature of the training process (changing the measurements of the playing areas and the height of the net), in order to create an appropriate environment for the players.