Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

The impact of mental training overlap on the development of some closed and open skills in five-aside football for middle school students


Ayad Ali Hussein, Haidar Abedalameer Habeeb, Reem Salam Ibrahim

The goal of this study is to see how mental training overlap affects the development of closed and open skills in middle school five-a-side football. Identifying each group's advantage in developing closed and open skills in five-a-side football. The study community consisted of 72 of seventh grade students in the intermediate level, and the research sample consisted of twenty students divided into two groups: control and experimental which represents (27%) of the research community sample. The pre and post tests were carried out, and the results were analyzed using appropriate statistical methods. The exercises used had an effect on the development of the skills under study and for the two groups, and the overlap of mental training exercises contributes to the development of some closed skills. The authors recommend using these exercises in training curricula and using mental training as an aid to developing and teaching closed skills with a fixed middle in five-a-side football.