Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

The Impact of Using the Teaching Methods of (Guided Discovery, Training) on Learning Some Skills of Ground Movements in Artistic Gymnastics for Men among the Students of the Faculty of Sports Sciences at Mu'tah University


Saleh Salem Ali Qawaqzeh*

This study aimed at identifying the impact of using the teaching methods of the (guided discovery, training) on learning some skills of ground movement in artistic gymnastics. The study sample consisted of (38) students from the faculty of sports sciences at Mu'tah University who are enrolled in the course of Gymnastics 1during the second semester of the academic year 2021-2022, where they were distributed randomly into two identical groups: the first group applied the guided discovery method, and the second group applied the training method. In order to achieve the study objectives, the researcher used the experimental approach due to its compatibility to the study nature. The researcher used the statistical methods represented by means, standard deviations, Pearson correlation coefficient and (t-test).
The results showed that using the two methods of guided discovery and training method positively affected learning the skills of gymnastics (backward roll, forward roll, handstand). When comparing the results of the pre and post measurement, the method of guided discovery was favorable.
In the light of the results, the study recommended the necessity of urging the methods of guided discovery and training due to their positive effect on teaching the skills.