Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

Analysis of Standing Up in Free Running Parkour between Straight Back Flip 360░ and 720░


Saleh Salem Ali Qawaqzeh* and Qasim Mohammad Sayyah

Backward standing is considered as one of the most important and commonly-used movements in free running parkour, where it may take place at any point while performing the skills. The study sample consisted of (1) player from the academy of Parkour and free running in Basra, where the participant trains in the hall of gymnastics training center of Basra directorate of education. Data were taken by 240 photo/second by using iPad 2020 camera, and this allowed the calculation of kinematic data. The results revealed that as the numbers of rotation increase, the communication angle at which the athlete lands on the mat while standing up decreases. In the back flip with one rotation (360°), the angle average was (51.9°), while in the back flip with two rotations (720°), the angle average was (49.3°). These results contribute to improving the technical training among parkour athletes.