Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

Effects of baby-adult interaction on baby's learning of aquatic skills in an aquatic program. A sociocultural approach


Gil Pla-Campas*, Montse Benlloch, Francesc Martínez-Olmo

Based on a sociocultural approach, the article aims to explore the role played by the baby-adult interaction on the acquisition of baby's water motor skills in a baby swimming program. With a direct and intrasubject observation (n = 4) and an ad hoc category system, a quantitative approach research with a quasiexperimental design was designed. The interactions were recorded in video, every two weeks, and during the four months of the aquatic program. The results describe the educational context of the interaction according to the categories, and describe the improvement of the babie’s water motor skills. These results allow us to suggest which conditions of the interaction favour the water motor skills learning of the babies.