Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

The Effect of the HIIT Training Curriculum on Developing Some of the Kinetic Capabilities and Combat Adequacy of Iraqi Special Forces Fighters


Riyadh Abdulhussein Abw Gree, Ammar Abbas Attiyah

The purpose of this paper is to identify the effect of the training curriculum on developing combat competence, and the research sample consisted of fighters of the Iraqi Special Forces, totaling 250 (fighters) and 32 fighters were selected. The researcher used the experimental method, in his main designs using one group, and tribal tests were conducted At 7 am, the experiment took place in the private military field, and the training units were conducted by one group, as one group underwent subsidized training prepared for one group pre and post, and the duration of the program was two months, with (5) short units and (6) long training units weekly. And by (44) special training units and post-tests were conducted and the statistics were extracted by the statistical bag (spss), the researcher found that there are significant differences with statistical significance for the combat ability tests and in favor of the post-test in the experimental group and this indicates that the sample has developed well and this It indicates that the sample has developed well in this tactical combat test, which includes the performance of all physical and kinetic attributes and combat skills.