Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

The effect of the use of exploratory exercises in improving concentration of attention and skills of chest handling and correction of basketball stability for people with special needs


Nadeema Badr Mohammed, Mazin Hadi Kzar

The process of teaching and methods of teaching depends on the means of transferring information from teacher to learner. This method whenever appropriate, the process of learning was better, faster and less effort. There have been many ways or means of transferring information and have made great progress because of the development of modern concepts of the educational process. Concentration of attention and its relation to the skills of chest handling and correction of the free throw basketball at the Center for Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons, and the search there are significant differences between the results of tribal and remote tests of the experimental group and for the tests dimension (14) players aged (10-14) years, and through the results were reached the conclusions and the most important: 1 - that the exercises have a special impact Good in the development of concentration of attention Fastness of performance of chest handling and accuracy of free throw of stability in the experimental group Recommendations 1 - attention to focus development attention Speed of handling chest handling and accuracy of free kick correction and other characteristics of the disabled