Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

The impact of applying the K-W-L self-scheduling technique on first-year intermediate students' learning of basic volleyball skills


Ayad Ali Hussein*, Israa Fouad Salih

In this Study, the methods and methods of learning were discussed within the requirements of the educational process in order to reach the best learning and the instructional resources that are accessible within the context of educational technology. The study's significance stems from its use of the selfscheduling strategy (K-W-L) self-table technique to the teaching of basic volleyball skills to first-year intermediate students. The researchers mentioned that the students have become accustomed to a special method of learning, including the method of listening and memorization of their academic requirements. This may give the student learning as well as information, but not to the required level. Because of its concentration on cognitive components, as well as the extent of its reflection on the skill aspect, the authors consider it necessary to promote new learning approaches in order to reach the students and help them attain the highest levels of learning and to understand the impact of these various instructional techniques in order to provide them with the finest learning experience possible. A group of kids from Salah al-Din Intermediate School for Boys were tested using the experimental approach. One experimental group represented a total of (25) students. A variety of statistical methodologies were used to show and discuss the findings. Within the parameters of the study, the authors come to several conclusions. The study has made some suggestions for improving volleyball skills learning.