Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

A Device For Balancing The Weight And Its Impact On The Achievement Of Young Lifters


Hayder Jabbar Abd*

The purpose of this study is to determine a device for balancing the ends of a weight and its effect on the performance of young weightlifters, using an experimental approach to the research question, with a sample size of (12) athletes representing the club (Al-Rafidain Al-Diwaniyah Al-Ettifaq Al-Iskan) applicants. The homogeneity and equivalence processes were carried out to verify the starting line of their data, after taking their tribal measurements (height, weight, arm grip strength, and the relative achievement of the snatch and nether lifts). When performing and due to the absence of such a device, the usual sample approach was used and training units were entered into it using the training method. The results of the pre and post arithmetic circles for the two groups were compared and treated statistically. After that, the most important conclusions of the device were reached that had a positive impact on achievement and improvement of some kinematic variables for the two Snatch lifts Walther.


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