Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

A Proposal to Develop the Role of Teachers in Developing Learners' Knowledge Economy Skills in the Light of Contemporary Global Transformations


Hayat Abdulaziz Mohammed Niaz*

The study aimed to know the skills of Knowledge Economy and the role of teachers in developing them among learners through theoretical literature, studies and research issued by international organisations and institutions interested in education and the study of skills, beside through the literature of the study, therefore, setting a proposed conception to develop the teacher's role in developing such skills among learners in the light of contemporary global transformations. To achieve the study objectives, the descriptive method was used, which is based on describing, analysing, and interpreting the existent, in addition to attempting to foresee the future. Study results have shown that the education's three foundations: reading, writing, and mathematics are no longer sufficient to cope with contemporary global transformations, because learning the skills of Knowledge Economy requires the addition of the skills of the 21st century represented in: critical thinking, innovation and creativity, cooperation and participation, awareness of multi-cultures, effective communication, and the ability of effective employment of the tools of knowledge and electronic information, profession and self-reliance. This requires the development of the teacher's roles that he should play in developing the learners’ skills of Knowledge Economy according to the proposed conception.


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