Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

An Analytical Study of the Offensive Aspect of the Iraqi National Team Players in the 2015 Arabian Gulf Championships and the 2018 Asian Nations in Football


Naji Kadhim Ali*, Saleh Radhi Amish and Wameedh Shamil Kamil

The purpose of this paper is to an analytical study of the offensive aspect of the national team players in the Arab Gulf Championships (2015) and the Asian Nations (2018) in football. To achieve the goal, the researchers used the descriptive approach to fit the research problem, and the research sample included the matches of the Iraqi national football team participating in the two championships. It was 9 matches and 7 matches were analyzed. Only, the necessary equipment and tools were used, and the analysis form was prepared that includes calculating the attack when it crosses the middle of the field, and one match was shown on the computer screen to calculate the successful and failed repetitions of the attack. The analysis process took (15) days, Each match was re-analyzed twice to reach the accuracy of the results, and the researchers concluded that no moral differences appeared between the two halves, weakness in the offensive manoeuvres of the Iraqi team, and the researchers recommend the need to conduct research on the defensive side of the Iraqi team for the 2015 Arab Gulf Championships and the 2018 Asian Nations.


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