Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

Analysis of the Effectiveness of Offensive Skill Performance according To a Computer based Analytical Program for Professional Players in the Iraqi Volleyball League


Tariq Ali Yousif*, Amjad Hamid Badr Almogami and Watheiq Ibrahim Khadim

The purpose of this paper is to analysis of the effectiveness of the skillful performance of professional players for the skill of serving with its two types (spiking serve from jumping - flutter serve from jumping), and analysis of the effectiveness of the skillful performance of the professional players for the spiking serve skill according to the hitting center inside the field (1,2,4). The researchers used the descriptive approach for its suitability in achieving the research objectives. The researchers identified the research community represented by the professional players who are present in the Iraqi volleyball league for the season Riyadh 2022-2023, and their number is 12 players distributed over four clubs (Al-Shorta, South Gas , Peshmerga, Erbil), and they represent the research sample by 100%. One of the most important results reached by the researcher is that : There is a weakness in the serve skill, both types of serve spiking and flutter, for professional club players , the effectiveness of spiking from the center (2) is better than spiking from the center (4) , and the variation in the effectiveness ratios of spiking from center (1) between one match and another based on the effectiveness of the opposing team. One of the most important recommendations recommended by the researchers is that: Training on accuracy, focus and speed in hitting the ball in serve spiking and fluttering to increase effectiveness, and introducing fun and suspense in training the types of serve as well as increasing motivation.


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