Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology



Antonio García-Angulo y Enrique Ortega

The aim of this study was to perform a bibliometric study of the scientific literature on the football goalkeeper. To do a literature search was performed in the database Science Citation Index and Social Science Citation Index of Web of Science, through the "soccer" and "goalkeeper" topic, obtaining a total of 231 items. From each of the items the following variables were analyzed: a) year of publication, b) type of publication; c) on which sports study has been developed; d) main discipline of study; e) sub-theme of the study; f) position and sports function of the sample; g) sports level of the sample; h) sex of the sample; i) type of study (descriptive, experimental, qualitative, etc; j) journal; k) institution; and l) primary author. The most significant results indicated that: a) shows a large increase in scientific production over the goalkeeper in football in the last five years; b) disciplines have been the most studied motor control and discipline of sports medicine and injury sub-themes and visual perception; c) the sample have been most studied goalkeepers and football players, whose level was elite and male sex; e) include descriptive studies and experimental type, resulting in a sharp increase in experimental studies in recent years; f) in terms of institutions and authors, institutions and include authors from countries with great football tradition like Germany, Britain, France, etc.. Stressing above all, the authors associated with the Vrije University of Amsterdam.


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