Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology



Cristina Oliveira, y José Alves

Côté (2006) proposes that coach development is the result of a series of activities and progresses that occur as an answer to personal and contextual demands. The main objective of this work is to know and characterize the processes development of volleyball coaches from Portuguese top divisions A1 (n = 7) e A2 (n = 7). The instrument used was the retrospective interview (Côté, Ericsson, & Law, 2005; Gilbert, Cótê, & Mallet, 2006) which allowed obtaining information about significant activities throw coach development. All coaches reported deliberate play activities 2.9) and deliberate practice (3.4) and the main sport activity was volleyball. The career as an Coach was initiated, in average, at 20.4 years old, as coaches of “children participation”, in a second phase coaches, are “coaches of adolescents and adults, the third phase happens, in average, at 30 years, and they are “coaches of performance to adolescents and adults” (Gilbert & Côté, 2009). Throw all this phases, coaches had demonstrated preference for printed materials, yet coaches knowledge results from a range of sources.


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