Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

Competitive performance exercises to develop transitional speed and agility and their impact on some offensive and defensive basketball skills for students


Nada Mohammed Amin*

The research aims to prepare competitive performance exercises, then know their impact on transitional speed and agility, and then find out the effect of folding these two qualities in some offensive and defensive skills of basketball. The researcher used the experimental curriculum on a randomly picked sample of students of the fourth stage of Al-Mustansiriya University and put them in two equal groups one is experimental and the second is controlled, with 24 students which is 18.18% the research community of (110) students. The exploratory experiment and the pre and posttest for the variables of the research were conducted, in addition to the main experiment, which lasted (10) weeks, and the research lasted from 18/11/2021 to 23/2/2022. in addition to the appropriate statistical means. The researcher concluded that the competitive exercises of the performances influence developing the transitional speed and agility, as well as it proved its effect on all research variables, the research variables showed differences in favor of the experimental group in the post- posttests, a development was showed in the control group but not at the level of the experimental group in the research variables.


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