Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

Constructing of A Competition Communication Skills Scale for the Elite and First Division Handball League Coaches


Fouad Muttib Hussain*

The objective of the research is to construct a competition communication skills (CCS) scale for the Elite and First Division Handball League coaches. The limits of the research community were the Handball players of the Elite and First Division clubs, which numbered 346 players, with a sample of 294 players was used. Fifty items were formulated; with 10 positive items for each field. A five-graded scale was adopted to collect and analyze the players' responses. The alternatives responses were: always, often, sometimes, rarely, and never, respectively. The exploratory experiment was conducted, and its characteristics (honesty, reliability, and objectivity) were achieved. The scale was presented to a committee consisting of 11 experts to ensure the validity of the paragraphs, and their measurements of the CCS, In order to obtain the discriminatory power, 27% of the highest and 27% of the lowest questionnaires of the constructing samples were obtained to conduct the t-test for independent samples. Forty paragraphs of the scale were distributed into four fields. The study concluded that the CCS scale is an appropriate method to measure the CCS of the Elite and First Division Handball League coaches.


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