Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology



Rosario Castro-López, Javier Cachón, Pedro Valdivia-Moral y María Luisa Zagalaz

Eating disorder (TCA) are a group of clinical syndromes whose psychopathological traits are exaggerated concern about weight and body shape and the belief that the self is strongly determined by physical appearance; but despite the outward symptoms can be altered feeding behavior, the origin of these disorders should be explained from a psychological disturbance manifested in a high level of personal dissatisfaction, fear of mature, high levels of self-imposed or ideas distorted on weight and food that have affected people, something that verifies the multifactorial origin. The objective was analyzing the levels of TCA and self-concept in the sample of athletes. Studying the link between these two instruments and determining which sociodemographic variables of the sample are more related to the instruments used. The study is non-experimental quantitative using a combination of descriptive and correlational methods to meet the objectives. The sample consisted of 154 athletes bodybuilding in the province of Jaén (Spain) who underwent two psychological instruments (EDI- 2 and AF5) used to measure self-concept scores and TCA. Many significant relationships between the dimensions of the tools used by associating Autoconcepto low to high rates of TCA (p < .05), among them the inverse relationship between emotional dimension of self-concept with almost all dimensions were obtained TCA. Also, there were significant differences in socio-demographic (gender, age, education level and weekly hours spent in the gym) with respect to many indicators of food risk behavior and self-concept levels (p < .05). It was possible to characterize these disorders and to relate behavioral and sociodemographic. The results are valid to apply treatment to tackle disorder preventive aspects from the fields, medical, sports and education.


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