Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

Effect of Incentives on Employees Performance In The Public Sector, Ministry of Local Administration Case- Study of Jordan


Haron Ismail Haron*

This study aimed to show the effect of incentive a major argument has been made about the application of performance management in the public sector. In addition to improving accountability, performance management has been widely promoted as a useful management tool that can improve organizational performance. This chapter reviews the literature on performance management in the public sector and pays particular attention to empirical research on performance management practices in the ministry of local administration case- study of Jordan. The number of the employees is (385). A random sample was selected that consisted of (100) employees working in the analytical descriptive method in treating the study topic the study showed that different types of incentives influence the job stabilization process, which in turn influences job performance. The study recommends the need to encourage collaboration through department-level incentives, and collective incentives should be evenly distributed among employees, regardless of performance. The results of the review suggest that the promise of performance-enhancing effectiveness of performance management in the public sector remains illusory until public managers are able to effectively address the various challenges, especially non-technical ones, associated with their implementation.


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