Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

Effect of Plyometric Exercises Program on Kinetic Energy, Some Kinematic Variables, and Shooting Accuracy for Football Players under the Age of 17


Ibtehal ALkhawaldeh* and Esam Abu-Shihab

Plyometric exercises considered one of the important means for developing the strength and speed of skillful performance of footballers, and since the shooting skill is an important skill in football, the impact of plyometric exercises on developing this skill must be studied. The current study aims to analyze the effect of plyometric exercises on kinetic energy, some kinematic variables, ball speed, and shooting accuracy for football players under the age of 17. 18 players under the age of 17 participated and formed one group, and their arithmetic means were as follows: (Age: 16.5 ± 4 months, Height: 168 ± 7 cm, Mass: 65 ± 3 kg, Training Age: 5.8 ± 1.8 years). Pre- and post-test was applied to them in skill of zigzag running between cones and then shooting at the goal to measure shooting accuracy in addition to kinetic energy and some kinematic variables, after applying a plyometric exercises program for 8 weeks / 3 times a week by 90 minutes per training session. Videography and Kinovea program were used for kinetic analysis and a number of statistical treatments such as arithmetic means, standard deviations, normal distribution indicators, and T-test to conclude results. The results indicated that there was a statistical effect of plyometric exercises program on increasing kinetic energy, kinematic variables, and shooting accuracy. In light of study results researchers recommended the need to use plyometric exercises for football players under the age of 17 to develop their performance in shooting skill after running with ball.


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