Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

Effect of Using the Strategy of Similarities in Teaching Some Basic Skills of Basketball for Students of the Second Intermediate


Maitham Saadi Ali, Thaer Karam Jaaona, Elaf Ahmed Mohammed

The modern teaching methods, and their importance in achieving the desired learning goals for the individual and the society, have been addressed. As it is necessary to develop the methods, ways and strategies used in the process of teaching the intermediate stages in the various fields in general and the field of physical education in particular, the importance of research is the effect of using the strategy of similarities in teaching some basic skills of basketball for students of the second intermediate. As for the problem of research, the researcher mentioned the lack of use of teachers’ strategy method similarities in the educational units because of its importance, and after study and analysis the researcher found it necessary to improve teaching methods to reach students to a better level of learning in general and learn some basic skills of basketball in particular, and for the purpose of knowing the impact of using the strategy of similarities in learning some basic skills in basketball. The researcher used the experimental method for its suitability and the nature of the research, and the sample consisted of 15 intermediate stage school students of Hittin in Baghdad. Some conclusions related to learning some of the basic skills of the basketball were reached according to the strategy of similarities and taking into account their importance in the output of the lesson as an important educational strategy, and recommended to disseminate this idea to schools alike, because of its effective impact in delivering the educational material faster to students.


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