Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology



Ángel Blanco-Villaseñor y Carles Oliva-Millán

The main objective of our study was to deepen the analysis of situations of successful actions in football by applying Generalizability Theory (GT) to establish whether the structure of our sample (adversaries, number of goals scored, position in the classification table, location prior to the successful actions, and location of success) allow the generalization of our results to the general population from which they were extracted. Our study presents the results of an a priori investigation designed to establish a posteriori by means of GT whether it is possible to generalize each one of the investigated facets or variables. It emerges that only three of the eight facets or variables contained in the a priori study are suitable for inclusion in the final structure. The rest of them do not contribute to the variability of the design. Furthermore, the application of GT has not only allowed us to reduce the number of variables but also to reduce the number of observations in future registrations as we get a high degree of generalization with one third of the recorded information. In any case, the present study will help to design more sophisticated research, incorporating any appropriate modifications, and capable of achieving the most accurate generalization.


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