Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

Health-Related Quality Of Life of Pupil-Athletes from Southern Brazil: A Cross-Sectional Study


Guilherme Alves Grubertt*

Participation in sport has been associated with positive repercussions in the health, education, and psychosocial outcomes among adolescents. Pupil-athletes are haracterized by being at a significant developmental stage marked by physical, psychological, and social changes. However, no study until now has assessed the healthrelated quality of life of Brazilian pupil-athletes. This study aimed to access the HRQoL of pupil-athletes from southern Brazil. The KIDSCREEN-52 Questionnaire was completed by 2201 pupil-athletes aged between 12 and 17 (M age = 14.2, SD = 1.5). Over 70% of participants reported high levels of global HRQoL. Boys presented more positive values for Physical Well-Being and Self-Perception. While girls showed significantly higher values for Social Support & Peers. Global HRQoL presented more positive values when associated with older pupilathletes regardless of gender. This is the first study to measure HRQoL in Brazilian pupil-athletes using the KIDSCREEN-52 instrument. Participation in sports programs can fill several gaps for young people, providing positive examples to pupil-athletes, as they influence affection, perception of stress, physical health, and life satisfaction.


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