Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

Impact of Massage and Cervical Traction on Students of Sport Science Collage with chronic Nonspecific Neck pain


Dr. Mohannad Odeh Al Zughialat*

This study aimed to identify the impact of massage and cervical traction on students of sport science collage with chronic nonspecific neck pain, the experimental approach was used due to its suitability to the nature and objectives of the study, on a sample consisting of (9) students with chronic nonspecific neck pain- muscular origin were chosen in a deliberate manner and voluntarily subjected to the proposed program, the researcher used Wilcoxon analysis to compare the pre and post measurements. The results showed that there were statistically significant differences between the pre and post measurements in favor of the post measurement on cervical range motion: forward, backward, bending to the right and left, axial range of motion using Goniometer, pain degree using pain score and daily ability using daily ability questioneer. The researcher concluded that the use of Massage and Cervical Traction had a positive effect on students with chronic nonspecific neck pain. The researcher recommends conducting more similar studies on larger samples and other age groups.


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