Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

Insurance As An Obligation Rests With The Sports Organization Towards The Athlete


Ban Saifuldeen Mahmoud*, Abdulrahman Abbas Adain and Abdulrahman Abdullah Mohammad Al-saraf

The insurance industry has recently witnessed contemporary trends and did not stop at a classic concept, as it was not only satisfied with the traditional fields, but also included the sports center as it is a fertile field in which sports accidents are active and injuries abound in stadiums during matches, which do not negatively affect the player only, but cast a shadow even on the development of the sector and its development, where the athlete is exposed to the risk of injury while performing his activity, as he may suffer from an injury that leads to permanent or temporary disability, which may force the player to abandon the stadiums permanently or temporarily, but the stadiums may witness from time to time a death of one of the players, so the player may insure himself from such dangers, as this is considered an obligation on the club or sports institution to insure the contracted sports player. And the sports institution must ensure that the health of the athlete is preserved, which is among its obligations in order to enjoy good performance.


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