Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

La Motivacion Orientada Hacia El Ego Y La Tarea En Deportistas Juveniles Mexicanos De Olimpiada Nacional


Salvador Jesus Lopez-Alonzo*

The main objective of the present study was to analyze the orientation of motivation, towards Ego and Task, in a group of athletes who participate in Individual Sports and Group Sports in the National Olympiad. 200 athletes (83 women and 117 men) between 14 and 22 years old participated. The Ego Orientation Questionnaire and the Task in Sport (TEOSQ) were applied to them, in the version of the Adaptation to the Mexican Population (2011). The results of the Multivariate Analysis show significant differences between the Individual Sports and Group Sport in the orientation towards the Ego, F (6,193) = 10.49, p = .000. Athletes who practice Individual Sport consider competition and social recognition more important. Although those who practice Group Sport focus more on the enjoyment and pleasure of their activity, with a lower tendency towards the Ego.


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