Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

Legal Regulation of the Professional Sports Player's Contract


Ban Saifuldeen Mahmoud*, Zainab saeed jasm and Aqeel Majeed Kadhim

sports in general is no longer a hobby, but rather a profession practiced by players and coaches in a professional manner, and this professionalism has resulted in many sports contracts, including the professional sports player contract.

The progress of countries in sports reflects the extent of progress in the use of modernity in all its sports activities, in addition to the fact that sports professionalism in sports activities has become a vital requirement mong the requirements of the present time in order to advance the reality of sports in the country in scientific and realistic ways and work to solve its problems. The researcher will discuss in this organization the legal contract for the professional sports player, according to the Sports Professionalism Law No. 60 of 2017.


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