Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

Mapping Critical Thinking Research In Physical Education: A Review Of The Publishing Or Perish Literature And Bibliometric Analysis


Mochamad Ridwan*, Wawan Sundawan Suherman, Haryanto Haryanto and Himawan Putranta

Although the idea of combining critical thinking with physical education is seen as a contradiction in terms, the PE strategy is ideal and capable of developing critical thinking skills. The purpose of writing this paper is to provide a bibliometric review of literature on "critical thinking physical education". Search articles using Publishing or Perish (PoP) software with a database from Google Scholar. Of the 440 articles found from the Google Scholar database from 2000 to 2021, 91 articles were analyzed in this study. The selected references are then managed using reference manager software, namely Mendeley in the form of RIS and analyzed using VOSviewer software. Based on the VOSviewer analysis, the keywords that most often appear are critical thinking, student, teacher, and physical education. Meanwhile, what did not appear much were keywords related to gender, creative thinking and culture intelligence which could eventually become the research agenda in the future. Overall, this review provides an appropriate reference point for further research on “critical thinking physical education”.


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