Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

People with Special Needs in Religious Literacy


Elan Sumarna*, Muhamad Parhan, Mursyidin Abdurrahman, Jenuri Jenuri, Ganjar Eka Subakti and Zubir Zubir

This study was to determine the extent of the existence of those with special needs (special needs) in religious literacy. The East's disrespect, especially the Muslim community towards special needs, is not the result of Islam as its religion but by a culture that is not friendly to special needs. In this case, they are generally Muslims who are not literate towards Islam as their religion, which in content strongly recognizes the existence of special needs. This article aims to present the existence of people with special needs in religious literacy, while, in general, society views that religion does not say much about them. Circumstances, where religion is seen as less talking about them, can be found in various research journals. However, as a religion, Islam has been talking about them in substance long ago without the slightest discrimination. This study applied a qualitative approach with a literature review method. The participants of this research were 2 people with special needs who were involved in the tahfidz Quran program, the head or the Kiai of the Islamic boarding school. The research instrument is how Islam guides people with special needs, the data is taken from journal articles, hadith collection books, the Quran, and other supporting books. Special needs, according to Islam, are those with physical and mental limitations, which generally impact their relatively limited potential. In Islam, this condition does not negate their existence as caliphs on earth, along with a set of rights and obligations.


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