Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

Percepción de los efectos de un Modelo Didáctico Centrado en el Juego: Fútbol infantil


Ricardo Leon Diaz Garcia, Wilder Geovanny Valencia Sanchez*, Enoc Valentin Gonzalez Palacio, Johana liyen Vacca Henao, Elkin Arias

Didactic Model of the Game Action Competences is part of the games-centered approaches and the player. The model promotes a horizontal relationship between the coach and the player for the construction of knowledge and development of technical-tactical skills of the athlete. This model has had empirical validation with children football players in extra-school sports and some strategies have been verified in women's football and university basketball. However, it has not inquired with respect to perceptions of the participants about the effects of the model. The aim is to analyze the perceptions of children´s football players about the didactic model after 16 intervention sessions. This was qualitative study with an interpretive approach from dialectical hermeneutics; the technique used to collect the information was focus group. Fifteen children between the ages of nine and 11 participated in the study. The results show that the participants make positive assessment in the experience with the game-centered approach, they highlight the tactical skills taught through smallsided games with understandable and fun ways, the technical skills taught in the session and assigned as homework. Children have positive perceptions of the participants' interaction with each other and with the coach; participants perceive that the model facilitates learning.


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