Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

Relationship Between Sagittal Spinal Curvature And Incorrect Knee Position In School Age Children


Maha Ahmed Elsayed Soliman*, Amira Mohamed Eltohamy and Mohamed Ali Elshafey

Objectives: To identify the relationship between sagittal spinal curvature and incorrect frontal knee position in school age children in Alsharqia, Egypt. Methods: 370 children of both genders were randomly selected from 10 Egyptian governmental schools in Alsharqia governorate aged from 10 to12 years old. The Saunders digital inclinometer was used to measure the patient's thoracic kyphosis and lumbar lordosis. Varus and valgus knees were diagnosed using sliding caliper in an upright position based on intercondylar distance with the feet placed together and intermalleolar distance with the knees placed together. Results: there was no significant relation between BMI and thoracic kyphosis, thoracic kyphosis and knee varus and valgus, lumber lordosis with knee varus and valgus (P>0.05). There is no significant relations between gender, BMI, thoracic kyphosis, lumber lordosis and valgus knee position (P>0.05). However, there was significantly negative correlation between gender and knee varus in school children (P<0.05). The direction of the relation between gender and knee varus increased in boys than girls. There were significantly positive correlations between BMI with lumber lordosis and knee valgus (IMD) (P<0.05) and negative correlation with knee varus (ICD) (P<0.05) in school children. Conclusion: Sagittal spinal curvature does not correlate with frontal knee position while BMI significantly correlates with lumber lordosis, knee valgus and knee varus position.


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