Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

S.A.Q. Style training and its impact on regulating the muscle cells' basal metabolic rate and the two anaerobic School basketball skills


Zainab Mizher Khalaf*

A S.A.Q. Style training unit for School basketball players was the goal of the research, it is important to understand how training affects LA and sodium bicarbonate concentrations. Also, these School basketball players in Baghdad secondary schools possess two anaerobic skills. By using the experimental approach for this design, participants who were chosen at random from the Electrical Industries Club and numbered (50) players. School basketball players must consider the training pressures in the S.A.Q training that develops and enhances the various skills, as this boosts the level of their phosphagen (NaHCO3) and lactic anaerobic (LA) abilities. as well as not placing too much emphasis on training with them in order to get the necessary results at the price of the biological control of their cells. In this kind of extensive training, it's crucial to set goals that are both attainable and practical. To avoid overburdening School basketball players with heavy training loads, the training that is allotted to them must come at the start of the training unit's main part.


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