Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

Special Cross-Sectional Exercises And Their İmpact On The Development Of Some Physical Abilities And Performance Of The Basic Skills Of Football For Young Players


Muneer Abdulsahıb Mohammed, Maytham Habeeb Sabhan, Emad Kazim Abed

The main objective of the sports training process is to try to get the player to integrate in athletic performance and achieve results using the best scientific methods available in all sports, including football. experimental method have employed by The researchers for its suitability and the nature of the research and formed a sample of 15 players from the oil Football club. This research presents the results and discusses them through the use of a number of statistical means. Conclusions that have to do with the effectiveness of the method of experimental cross-sectional exercises in the development of physical abilities . As well as the extent of their reflection on the performance of skills in football according to the exercises in the training program as a guide for the work of football coaches and taking into consideration the method of cross-sectional exercises that have Performance .


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