Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

Special exercises in the hierarchical opposing training method and its effect on developing physical abilities and accuracy of soccer scoring for advanced players


Maytham habeeb Sabhan*, Wameedh Shamil Kamil and Ali Saad Abdul Hameed

This study deals with the development in the field of sports training science through the use of means and methods that contribute to the development of players in terms of physical and skill for advanced players. As for the research problem, the researcher mentioned that the explosive force component needs to be developed in terms of exercises. It was not given in a specialized form in soccer skills to most players. Furthermore, this research dealt with some issues related to the topic of his research, as the concept of hierarchical opposing training and explosive power was addressed. As well as the researcher used the experimental method on a sample of Al-Naft Sports Club players, as their number reached (6) players represented by one experimental group. Finally, the results were presented and discussed by using a number of statistical methods and some conclusions related to the research were drawn. The researcher recommended some recommendations related to the development of football training.


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