Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

The 8 Weeks Trainng of 20m Sprint In Female Football Players


Hendrig Joko Prasetyo, Tri Aprilijanto Utomo and Rumi Iqbal Doewes*

Background: The study purpose was determined the effect of 8 weeks training of 20 m sprint use very heavy sled training on female football players.

Method: This is an experimental study with a pretest-posttest group design. The study samples are 36 female football players used simple random sampling techniques (ages of 20.06 ± 1.98 years, height of 156.39 ± 4.84 cm, weight of 53.87 ± 5.31 kg, and body mass index of 21.99 ± 1.38). During the treatment, the sample underwent very heavy sled training by pulling weights based on a body mass index of 50%-85% for 8 weeks (3 sessions per week). Data were collected by measuring body mass index and dividing the 20-meter sprint test for each distance into 5 meters and its multiples.

Results: The results showed that there is an effect of 8 weeks training of 20m sprint with very heavy sled training on the sprint speed of female's football players with tcount 13.139 > 2.030 for 5-m distance, tcount 12.980 > 2.030 for 10-m distance, tcount 13.034 > 2.030 for a 15-m distance, and tcount 13.102 > 2.030 for a 20-m distance.

Conclusions: The results showed that there are potential advantages for very heavy sled training in developing sprint performance, judging from the percentage increase in each distance, such as 13.618% at 5-m distance, 13.628% at 10-m distance, 13.651% at 15-m distance, and 13.677% at 20-m distance.


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