Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

The Common Sports Injuries among Swimming Female Students at the Faculty of Physical Education at the University of Jordan


Salwa A Alshorman*, Amjad H Alqudah*, Ahmad A Akour and Haitham S Alzoubi

This study aimed to analyze the most common sports-related injuries among students in the swimming course at the Faculty of Physical Education at the University of Jordan. Moreover, it identified the most common areas of injuries and their causes. The study sample consisted of 60 randomly chosen female students from the Faculty of Physical Education Jordan in the year 2018/2019. The descriptive approach was used, and the sports injury checklist was distributed. The results showed that the body parts most likely to be injured were the leg (20%), the shoulders' joint (15%), and the most frequent types of injuries were muscle cramps (22%), injuries (17%), sprains, and bruises (13%). The most common causes of sports injuries were related to lack of a good warm-up (22%), lack of the use of sports recovery means (15%), and poor motor technique (13%). The study recommended the necessity of following the rules of good warm-up based on a scientific basis, learning the correct techniques for skills before performing them to prevent injuries, and paying attention to the use of sports recovery after swimming.


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