Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

The Effect of a Codified Training Program According to the Physical Competence System in Developing Some Physical Abilities and Completing a 200-Meter Freestyle Swimming for Young


Zahiah Sabah Abdulsalam*

The purpose of this paper is to Preparing a codified training program according to the system of physical competence in developing some physical abilities and completing the 200-meter freestyle swimming for youth. The researcher used the experimental method with the pre and post-test for the experimental and control groups, and the research community was determined, swimming club (Al-Ḥashd ash-Sha bi) Youth Sports Club for the effectiveness of 200 meters free swimming for the 2021 season, numbering (14) swimmers, as the research sample was chosen by a comprehensive inventory method and the sample was divided into two experimental groups and a control group with (7) swimmers for each group A codified training program was applied according to the physical competence system on the experimental group for a period of eight weeks, with three training units per week. The SPSS statistical package was used to process the data and obtain the results. Including the researcher reached the most important conclusion - that a training program is codified according to the system of physical competence in the development of some physical abilities and the completion of the 200-meter freestyle swimming for young people.


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