Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

The Effect Of A Rehabilitation Program Using A TENS Device For The Treatment Of Pain And Impaired Mobility Of The Wrist And Limbs Joint In Basketball Player


Hadeer Idan Ghanim* and Ishraq Mahmood

This paper aims to investigate the effect of a rehabilitative program using a TENS device to treat pain and impaired mobility of the wrist and limbs joint in basketball players. As for the research hypothesis, it confirms that there are statistically significant differences between the pre and post-tests and in favor of the post-test. The researchers used the experimental approach with an experimental design in one group. The curriculum consists of eight weeks, with (56) rehabilitative units, and is applied every day for the eight weeks. The time of the rehabilitative unit ranges between (15-30) minutes, of which (10) minutes are for warm-up and preparation for the performance of the rehabilitative unit. After the end of the rehabilitation curriculum. the researchers reached that The therapeutic rehabilitative approach used and based on scientific foundations helped to increase the range of motion of the affected joint. in conclusions, to emphasize the need to use (TENS) because of its positive effects in bringing about a cure for the injury. In addition to educating injured people that they undergo a rehabilitation program after injury, as it helps them to return quickly to maintain the required fitness and normal range of motion.


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