Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

The Effect of a Training Curriculum According To the Physiological Index and the Transitional Speed of the 100m Hurdles Runner


Suha Ali Tahir* and Abeer Dakhil Hatem Al-selmi

Recently, that there has been a decline in the levels of female players for this event in recent years compared to developments in the world, as this activity depends to achieve the highest level of performance on the physical capabilities and physiological indicators of the player who It is reflected in the achievement, which results in the loss of time for Iraqi female runners compared to the world champions in the (100) meter hurdles competition, which reflects on the level of achievement. The two researchers used the experimental approach in addressing the research problem, and the experimental design used the method of the two equal groups, the two experiments with the pre and post-tests. Female runner and second experimental group (4) female runners, and they were divided by the method of odd and even numbers according to the sequence of their achievements into two experimental and control groups. A set of tests and measurements were identified and using the approved tests in the research, and the two researchers conducted the main experiment for a period of (8) weeks. The researchers concluded The application of the training curriculum according to the comfort index works to develop some physiological indicators and the transitional speed of the 100m runner. It is recommended that the training curriculum be adopted according to the comfort index of the 100m hurdles runner.


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