Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

The effect of battle rope exercises on increasing the number of single, double and multiple punches in elite boxing


Abduljaleel Jabbar Nasser* and Daham Mohammed Ahmed

The purpose of this paper is to identify the effect of battle rope exercises with Slam and Wave movements on increasing the number of punches of all kinds (single - Double - compound). The researchers used the experimental method on a sample of elite boxers with an average age of 24,451 years (± 3.451), continued The application of exercises for a period of eight weeks with three training units per week for a period ranging from (10-20) minutes in one training unit, and the researchers concluded that the use of battle rope exercises is a good tool for obtaining an increase in the number of punches of all kinds, single, Double and compound, as well as About that the use of battle rope exercises has a positive effect in developing special strength and adapting to muscular work similar to performance, which in turn increases skill capabilities, and the researchers recommended the adoption of exercises prepared by researchers in developing the special strength of boxers, emphasis on the correct performance of the Battle Rope exercises according to the type of exercise (Slams - Waves), as it must reach the level of the head in the slam exercises and to the level of the shoulders in the Wave exercises. The researchers also recommended the adoption of performance periods between (10-20) minute as an appropriate duration this type of exercise with appropriate intensity.


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