Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

The Effect of Eating Breakfast on Some Physiological Indicators and Defensive Skills in Volleyball


Samah Nooruldeen Issa*

The purpose of this paper is to know the effect of breakfast on some physiological indicators in athletes, identify the effect of breakfast on the performance of defensive skills in volleyball for athletes , and comparing the effect of breakfast on some physiological and skill indicators between the two research groups. The researcher used the descriptive approach in the survey style, which suits the researcher's study and is appropriate to the nature of the problem. The research community was chosen by the intentional method, which is the students of the College of Physical Education and the Sports Sciences / University of Baghdad, the fourth stage, and they are (380) students. group (10 players) they were named group (A) who eat breakfast and group (B) who do not eat breakfast, where the researcher emphasized on a group of things, the most important of which is agreement on balanced and similar meals in types of food, quantity, One of the most important conclusions reached by the researcher is that eating breakfast in the morning has a positive effect on improving physiological indicators and defensive skill performance in volleyball, and one of the most important recommendations is to urge students or any group to eat breakfast to obtain the necessary energy to improve skillful and functional performance.


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