Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

The Effect of Exercises within a Factory Hierarchical Structure in Reducing the Degree of Pain in a Sample of Back Patients


Ahmed Muhammad Abdulkhaliq Alhasan* and Wasan Saeed Rasheed

The purpose of this paper is to preparing exercises within a hierarchical structure to reduce the degree of pain in the lower spine among the research sample. The researchers used the experimental method with one equal experimental group with two pre and post-tests. The study sample included a group of (13) individuals who suffer from pain in the lower spine, with an average age of 22.22 ± 2.862, an average height of 170,615 ±6.021, and an average mass of 71.692 ± 7.663. The researchers concluded that performing exercises within the hierarchical structure had a positive effect in reducing the degree of pain and increasing the strength of the supporting muscles as well as developing flexibility hip joint. The effect of exercises within a factory hierarchical structure in reducing the degree of pain in a sample of back patients was positive.


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