Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

The effect of harmonic exercises on female students' development of motor skills and performance accuracy of some offensive basketball skills


Nada Mohammed Ameen*

The purpose of the study is to provide harmonic exercises for the female students that will have known effects on the growth of motor skills, certain offensive skills, and the development of motor skills. The researcher employed the experimental technique in a single group. The study was carried out on a randomly chosen sample of junior students at the College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences for Girls using the (numbers) method, with a total of (16) students and a percentage of 22.62%. In addition to the primary experiment, which lasted (8) weeks, the exploratory experiment, pre-tests, and post-tests were carried out at various stages. The study was conducted on November 28, 2022, using statistical techniques. The researcher reached the conclusion that harmonic exercises have an impact on the development of motor abilities, as well as the emergence of differences between pre- and post-tests of the variables in accordance with the specificity of motor ability-skill and the purpose of the tests in terms of time and degree.


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