Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

The Effect of Rehabilitative Exercises Preceded by the Electrical Nerve Stimulation Device in Relieving Pain and Rehabilitating People with De Quervain Syndrome


Basma Khalid Hasan* and Suaad Abdulhussein

Rehabilitation and treatment of injuries is of high importance in returning the injured part to its normal position through rehabilitative exercises. The exercises should be based on mechanical and anatomical physiology through the physical and diagnostic test for each individual separately. Therefore, rehabilitation is a means of treating various injuries by using electrical stimulation of the nerve. For this aim, the researcher prepared rehabilitative exercises preceded by the use of electrical stimulation of the nerve in the rehabilitation of de Quervain syndrome. Through the researcher's access to many references and her visit to many treatment centers, she found that all rehabilitation programs are based on the repetition of certain exercises; therefore, the researcher decided to develop solutions to this problem. The researcher hypothesized that there are differences between the pre and post tests. The researcher further applied the exercises on a sample of (5) patients. The research concluded that the exercises preceded by the stimulation device in rehabilitating the de Quervain syndrome are effective, and recommended adopting the rehabilitative approach to physiotherapy centers.


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