Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

The Effect of Special Exercises Using the (Rebound Net) Device in Developing the Accuracy of Spike Diagonal Skill in Volleyball


Tariq Ali Yousif*, Amjad Hamid Badr Almogami and Watheq Ibrahim Khadim

The aim of the research was to prepare special exercises using the Rebound Net to develop the performance of the of accuracy of spike diagonal skill for university of Baghdad players. The researcher used the experimental method. The sample has been selected in intentional way. They are the 8 players. They divided into two equally groups, experimental groups and control group. After finishing the main experiment and tests, SPSS program was used to statistically process the data to reach the results, Results were presented and discussed. The results showed that there were significant differences between the pre test of the accuracy of spike diagonal skill between the control and experimental groups for the benefit of the experimental group. In addition to the significant positive role played by Rebound Net exercises in developing the accuracy of spike diagonal skill. The researcher recommended using Rebound Net device exercises by coaches because it plays an important and rapid role in the development of accuracy skill, as well as the need to use modern training tools and devices and keep up with the evolution to upgrade the training process and reach the level of achievement.


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