Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

The Effect of Transferring Positive and Negative Energy in Evaluating the Performance of Some Kinetic Skills in Rhythmic Gymnastics


Zeena Khaled Jasem*, Abduljaleel Jabbar Naser and Ali Ahmed Hadi

The purpose of this paper is to identifying the effect of positive and negative energy transfer among female students on the kinetic performance of some kinetic skills in rhythmic gymnastics. The researchers used the experimental approach due to its suitability to the nature of the research; the research sample consisted of second-stage female students in the College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences, divided into four different sections, in order to exclude the chance factor. The researchers chose five female students from each division as a sample to measure kinetic skills, and five other female students as factors to transfer the effect of positive psychological energy to transfer the effect of negative psychological energy. The results showed a clear improvement in skillful performance after the positive energy transfer procedures, with no improvement in performance with the use of negative energy transfer procedures.


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