Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

The Effect of Using Games in Developing Some Concepts of Traffic Safety for Fifth Grade Primary Students


Shahad Faeq Rashid* and Iqbal Abdul Hussein Neamah

The purpose of this paper is to preparing small games for fifth graders. And to identify the impact of these small games in developing some concepts of traffic safety for fifth graders. The two researchers used the experimental method to solve the research problem, and the research community was identified with students. The fifth grade of primary school in the province of Baghdad and a sample was chosen from the private Baghdad Primary School, which numbered (60) male and female students. They were distributed equally into two groups by simple random method (experimental and control groups). As for the most important conclusions reached by the two researchers, it is the presence of an effect of small games in developing some concepts of traffic safety for the fifth-grade students. The two researchers recommended the adoption of small games as a popular method for students to learn scientific concepts, including the concepts of traffic safety, and to make students' interest and attitudes towards practicing positive behaviors to achieve the concept of traffic safety.


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