Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

The Effectiveness of the Role of Social Support in Learning Some Offensive Skills in Volleyball


Haneen Mohammed Saad, Mawahib Hamid Al-Jubouri

The purpose of this paper is to build a measure of social support in volleyball, identify the dimensions of the measure of social support in volleyball , and identify the effect of social support in learning some offensive skills in volleyball. The two researchers used the experimental method with two equal groups (experimental and control) with two pre and post-tests. The research community was determined by female students of the second stage at the University of Wasit - College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences. The research sample was chosen randomly from the original research community, with number of (30) students. And the number of (15) students who were randomly selected, Division (D), and the number of (15) students who were chosen randomly. Thus, the percentage of the research sample is (25,806%), which is an appropriate percentage to represent the research community in a true and honest way. As for the sample of building the scale, they were chosen from the community of the second stage, Kut University College, numbering (100) students. By presenting, analyzing and discussing the results of the pre and post-tests, the two researchers concluded: Taking advantage of the social support scale that the two researchers built in measuring other societies in the sports games decided in the faculties of physical education and sports sciences, as well as the existence of a significant relationship between social support and the development of technical performance of offensive skills in volleyball, and that diversification in applied exercises to learn offensive skills and repetitions the feedback provided by the teacher and how to invest time and effort in organizing, diversifying and distributing repetitions to the units in a way that suits the level of all students is a successful and effective educational method


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