Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

The History of the Development of the Paralympic Games and the Countries Participating In Them and Their Most Important Results


Zahiah Sabah Abdulsalam*, Wafaa Hussein Abdulameer and Jamal Sakran Hamza

Human history is the mirror of nations, reflecting their past, and translating their present, and through it, the steps of its future inspire humanity. Historical studies are a means of studying the events and phenomena that occurred in the past through their historical stages. It is based on following up on the changes that occur in any phenomenon or event and deducing the features of development, in an attempt to interrogate the historical facts.
Sports games are one of the most important activities invented by a man from ancient times to the present day. The goal of these activities has varied since ancient times, historical ages, the dark ages, and the Renaissance. There was a philosophy for every citizen of the world for the purpose of physical activity. Some linked physical activity to the treatment of diseases, as in the Chinese civilization, some others linked physical activity to the mental one for the integration of the individual, as in the Greek civilization, and others were aimed at preserving the entity of the state and fighting the invaders.


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